AS1530.1 Certified Cladding Fire Testing

AS1530.1 Certified Cladding

Here we demonstrate how AS1530.1 Certified cladding we made from Jesmonite is non-combustible.

Non-compliant combustible facades & combustible cladding are everywhere in Australia.

This widely used material, made of polyethylene, is more flammable than petrol and covers everything from apartment high-rises to hospitals.

This is what covered Grenfell Tower in London, England. In June 2017 the world watched in horror as flames devoured the high-rise.

Until now there has been no solution or material that meets the AS1530.1 standard.

Jesmonite is AS1530.1 Certified.

  • Fire-Resistant With A Class Zero Fire RatingAS1530.1 Certified Cladding
  • Reduced Smoke Density & Toxicity
  • Can Replicate Appearance & Texture Of Any Surface
  • Solvent Free With No VOC’s

HGN Design is the first company in Australasia to work with Jesmonite, a versatile range of water-based, solvent free composite materials.

Jesmonite is the only material in Australia to have passed AS1530.1 and be utilized for the production of non combustible building cladding.

Jesmonite is a high quality, cost effective, tough, durable and lightweight alternative to natural stone for architectural details.

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