Jesmonite is quickly becoming the premier choice for contemporary artists, designers and sculptors alike. It’s the most versatile sculpting material available.

It’s lightweight properties, along with the fact it can replicate even the finest of details makes Jesmonite the go to material for today’s sculptors & designers.

Below are just some examples of how Jesmonite has been sculpted and utilized by some of the worlds best artists.


19 casts of classical statuary, cast in Jesmonite and marble grains. Made by Xu Zhen.

versatile sculpting material


YenChen YaWen Studio combined Jesmonite with metal powders to create a series of candle holders that oxidise & change colour as they age.

versatile sculpture material


Nim copper and Jesmonite table by Russel Pinch.


The RUST range by London maker Ariane Prinis created by mixing metal dust with plaster and Jesmonite. No two items in RUST are the same: the collection is entirely hand-made and the metal dust oxidation gives each product a unique texture, varying in colour and intensity.


Katie Gillies’ bespoke cast silky surfaces.


This large bowl, cast by Stephanie Tudor using fragments of slate. She pours Jesmonite into silicone moulds and then sands back the surface to expose textures within.